2013-2014 Student Health & Accident Plan


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The SEBT self-funded student health plan, is not subject to regulation under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA).  Grambling State University is voluntarily including in its program benefits that are designed to meet or exceed requirements that would otherwise apply to fully insured student health insurance programs.

This Plan is Issued by:
Student Educational Benefit Trust
(hereinafter “Trust”)
P.O. Box 7
Avon Lake, Ohio 44012

Group Plan # 492330 C08

Administered by:
Student Educational Benefit Trust

Toll-Free Number for Inquiries:

 email: customerservice@sebtrust.com 

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Health Insurance is required by Grambling State University; as such the University offers a Student Injury and Sickness Plan for all eligible students, as follows:

All students enrolled for classes at Grambling State University, excluding faculty and staff members, are eligible to enroll in the plan.

Plan A is intended to cover 100% of the services available through your Student Health Center. It is also inclusive of a limited outpatient, inpatient and pharmacy benefit for those students that may have other coverage with limited benefits, high deductibles or a limited network of providers within the greater Grambling area.

Plan B, which is inclusive of Plan A, is to serve as a student’s primary coverage and provide a more comprehensive inpatient, outpatient, pharmacy and additional benefit package.

Eligible students who do enroll may also insure their Dependents. Eligible Dependents are the spouse or Domestic Partner and unmarried children (natural child, stepchild, Adopted Child, grandchild, child for whom the Named Insured is under a court order to provide coverage and a child for whom the Named Insured is under testamentary or court appointed guardianship, other than temporary guardianship of less than 12 months duration) under 26 years of age. See the Definitions section of the Certificate for the specific requirements needed to meet Domestic Partner eligibility. Dependent Eligibility expires concurrently with that of the Insured student.